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June 16 2008, 4:14 AM

A bowl of hometowns      

"Have eaten? Moving company  What is eaten? " I put through the son's telephone.
"Having eaten, rice. " Son's cheerful voice comes in the telephone, that end.
"Fragrant? " I am a little miserable. The son is a little man in the North, have liked eating the wheaten food like his father since childhood, not

liking eating the rice, but after going to Wuhan to enter university, it seems to have rice only every day, must eat either.
"Fragrant, very fragrant. " The son laughs heartily.
"Wait, mother give you make bowl hometown hand-pulled noodles personally, let you can have we hand-pulled noodles of house too as far

back as alien land if there is an opportunity. " I promise for the son that is out.
"Sure, I am waiting. " Though the son knows it is a bad check, for not letting me down, or tease with me smiling at on the phone.
Who says it is the bad check, this chance has really come at the moment, really.
Look, just put down the telephone, I came to that school where the child studied in outside 1,000 kilometers. I come to Wuhan two, one to send

child to college, one to come, look after the   logistics company child specially. There are several rows of small hotels outside the school door, I come to Wuhan to

have a meal in these small hotels each time. I know there is a wheaten food hall of Shanxi here, the boss of the store is from Shanxi, deal in hand

roll surface set aside surface hand-pulled noodles sharpen surface pick sharp, I settle down children each time mainly, want to eat the surface,

come here to solve the slander. Little of Mr. of hall these are very much hospitable even, look after and add children leaving home.
"Have come? " Shanxi young master admit villager very much, he see I and son, a enthusiastic one come up, greet.
"Remember me? " I raise the face smiling.
"How can forget where it is, you are a fellow-villager in Shanxi, it all eat the surface here to come each time, you have left, your child often comes

over to eat the Taxi too, rest assured, all for people parents, I did not know against one's conscience. " The young master does not lose and travel

widely, what the mouth is practised is bad-tempered to break out fragily.
"Boss, is the hand-pulled noodles still three and a bowl? " I have left for half years, there is not the long price of hand-pulled noodles not known

"Small book deal, earn pieces of grain ration money, child difficult, how can rise in price straight where,  Office Relocation we should not earn that evil mind

money. "
" have not risen in price, " I discuss with boss again: "You three one bowl, I produce four first bowl become? "
"This   "Some bosses are puzzled.
"But I have a condition, I lend your kitchen, lend your raw materials, make the hand-pulled noodles of a bowl of hometowns for my child

personally, you collect money as before, but Israel? "
"Oh, mood of you can understand requirement of you agree whom we make genuine Shanxi hand-pulled noodles too in fact too certainly. " The

young master is still really understanding.
After agreeing with the young master, I put the kitchen in person, have drawn a big bowl of noodles for my child personally, have fried to a dish

of steamed sons of egg tomato. The tomato hand-pulled noodles of egg, is child's favourite food at home.
" the treasure eats, " The son of more than one meter is a little uneasy, see me carrying the hand-pulled noodles out dully: "Mother is not that the

telephone sues you, when having an opportunity to enable Air Freight Forwarder  you to have the hand-pulled noodles that mother cooked personally too as far back

as the alien land, you still smile at that time, look, had not had now? " I pass, get son on hand, watch long handsome son with joy chopsticks.
The son has just set aside the hand-pulled noodles of first into the mouth, has dripped and dripped dripping   At a disturbance of the ring tones in

a period of time, faint, it is light already, should get up. It is the 30th of April today, the class is the long holidays of May Day to go one day more.

Well, having celebrated a festival, I have missed children, has just had such a true dream. Even if is a dream, let my child eat that bowl of hand-

pulled noodles into stomach. I am looking at the alarm clock keeping ringing on the bedside cupboard, can't help in the heart for a moment

being sorry.
My child, mother cares for you Ocean Transportation  except thousand li, how have you been in the alien land?


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