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December 30 2008, 3:42 AM

"Who are you? "    
"White in conformity with the peak. " He answers.    
"Then who am I? " She asks again.    
"Qin RuoYu. "    
Transient after waking up in early morning, Qin RuoYu feels and puzzles once again, under his company, she fell asleep smoothly, she did not wake up until the doctor every other day is coming again.    
As to her memory loss, the doctor is very sorry to say, " powerless. "    
Does she lose memory? !    
It is not surprised at this kind of result in conformity with the peak to be white. She becomes it in this way now, should he send her back to the mountain villa of medicines and stone needles?    
"This playboy, God has clumsy, unable to cure this girl skill. Perhaps you can go to the mountain villa of medicines and stone needles to go, the goddess cures the heart charitably, with extreme medical skill, perhaps she has a method to cure this girl. "    
Goddess' medicine? It is annoyed and sneered at the behaviours or things made in conformity with the peak to be white, if the doctor knows this girl needing to treat is medicine of goddess in his mouth at the moment, what kind of responses will it be?    
See off behind the doctor, continuation that he does not avoid arousing suspicion look after Qin if rain. Still very weak because of her health, so they stay for a few more days again.    
"The peak? " Qin if rain opens eyes, search the figure that is familiar with in the room.    
He tell her should how call he, and she very natural asking so smoothly very much.    
"I am here. " White to under windowsill on one side jump, go to by the bed holding her hands since in conformity with peak. She has smiled because this acted.    
Qin RuoYu sits and stands up, looks at each other with he sitting in the edge of bed, " you have not slept for one night. " This is a assertive sentence. In order to look after her, he has not often slept for one night, does not she understand, why needn't he sleep?    
"It doesn't matter. " Needn't say more that know too she is worrying about him.    
"Will we leave here? " Having hesitated, she asks.    
It has been already similarly good that she occupied the wound on, the part of extravasated blood has already broken up too on one's body, only the wound of the head has not healed yet. Can leave the bed and get about much while already resuming in her physical power.    
There are surprised silks while looking at her expression in one's eyes whitely in conformity with the peak, he nods, " eh. "    
Have never expected she will perceive his attention.    
"Will you lead me to walk together? " She only recognizes him, only believes him too.    

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