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April 29 2009, 5:00 AM

It is rather boring to write the topic like this, but the red building is originally a ridiculous dream, we are discussing this dream again today, is it more a dream in the dream? Since the nonsense, there is something that can not bring and say that brought playing. 
Pen but fee hesitate quite, build Grand View Garden girl, can nearly deserve to be called beauties, write one by one simply atrociously. And the turnip green vegetables has his likes and dislikes, compare beautifully and beautifully and very difficult. So has thought of a method, has divided the beauty in the Grand View Garden into four kinds roughly, one attitude of saying, two say gaudy, three say charming, the fourth special, beauty of belong to write write, imagination need. 
     (1) Attitude 
Say the first kind first - -Awkward immediately. Because should give "  The attitude " The next definition of the word, it is not an easy thing that want. To be simple, this kind of beauty, U.S.A. is in its romantic charm. They might not have perfect facial features and stature, but must have outstanding makings. 
1,Distinguished and admirable mild and indirect Lin Daiyu 
TOP of the beauty of the Grand View Garden, is undoubtedly the jade of black pigment. I know someone raises the hand and objects to it immediately, because the Lin Daiyu type beauty has been already unwelcome today, even book say black pigment to be jade most beautiful, praise treasure hairpin " appearance lush never too, everybody says the jade of black pigment is inferior to "  . But does not let the author deceive, much pen and ink of Dream of the Red Chamber is unusually cunning. 
All description black pigment place of jade in the book, pen and ink empty fairy most, do the best simulation his " attitude " all without exception Its beauty. In fact, author write, come on one by one facial features and figure of her never. Even she just appeared on the scene and appeared, composed body to play up by one section (convention of such classical treatise, few in Dream of the Red Chamber)  ,Leave the looks that have her only all the time of the impression for us. 
"It is like knitting not knitting áI's cigarette eyebrow that two is curved, one pair is like liking not to like the amorous eye. Catch worrying, attacks one suit of diseases delicately of two Ye in attitude   According to water like the handsome flower when being gentle and refined, the action place is like slim and delicate willow Fufeng. " 
Even if such a thin pen is described, you still can't define either whether the eyebrow of the jade of black pigment is a hill eyebrow or crescent eyebrow, whether eyes are the single-edge eyelid or double-fold eyelids. It is not influenced at all that this seems beauty of the jade of black pigment. 
Jia office of everybody's eyes hit looking: "Although the annual looks of jade of black pigment is little, its talk of bearing is original, although body face is very timid and weak-willed, but there are a section of natural distinguished and admirable attitudes. " Yes, the jade of black pigment is an " attitude " all the time ,The beautiful but indeterminate one "  The attitude " . Just think the jade is grown fragrantly in 19 quiets day, what a charming written language, one of the jade of black pigment knits the brows and smiles, how make first-class beauty! This kind of characters are too many in books, can only slightly lift several places. 
One 26 the end, black pigment jade go to the happy red courtyard to take the given cold-shoulder, misunderstand the treasured jade: 
  Reveal regardless of green liverwort cold too, spend foot-path chill, under independent corner side spend overcast, sad to sob, stand up while being intimate while being sad. This Lin Daiyu grasped the peerless looks originally, for pretty generation, this one cried by chance, nearby withy constellation bird that flower have that perch crow smell this, all very stupefied to fly, blow, avoid far while being stupefied, can't bear to hear again. Really: The colored soul has no mood quietly, where to shy bird's dreams are silly and silly. Because there is a poem one: "The talent and appearance should wish, embrace and go out of and embroider the boudoir deep and remote and sweet-smellingly alone generation to knit the brows. Sob one still unfinished, fall flower the bird shy, fly to all overly. " 
This is not a poem "  Breath-taking beauty "  ? 

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