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July 2 2009, 4:07 AM

Second, moonlight treasured book (1)   
Military pledge the first goal of failures just as dominoes fall down first card, , the second and third goal nearly falls down to the ground at the same time. Thing speech serious mother, don't say, submit to 500 subsidize family expenses, Bei Bei monthly salary keep oneself expenses at least enough in succession, close to the end of the monthing will borrow the money from mother to relieve, but did not always return. Bei Bei has become a out and out one "  The moonlight clan "  ,And still type in debt - -Use up the light per month, it is non- enough to stretch out one's hand to want. 
From childhood, mother has charged it to more than 20 years for Bei Bei. The son works nowadays, but the mother can't bear to see Bei Bei spend the monthly salary freely at will, no matter, it in charge of getting muches to be, heart strange to itch, hand too strange to itch, copy the paper pen or simply, give secretly "  The moonlight clan "  Son note by clothing,food,lodging and transportion of on the every month last cost,the scrappy, piece together into such a department Bei Bei "  The moonlight treasured book "  . 
Bei Bei sells, should often see the customer, the Western dress and leather shoes are indispensable dresses. Young people all pay attention to brands, Bei Bei is no exception naturally, the famous product of a water from head to foot. Though President Liu has especially looked after and replenished Bei Bei 2000 yuan to put and put the fee, only a ridiculously inadequate effort to save a grave situation. Only count shirt, collarband rub, happen deckle edge Bei Bei wear no longer, it says to be to fight tie to be plain. It is rather regrettable to throw away, give father to wear. But age of father either small, shirt plain color still all right, gaudy a bit, have only cannot help but thrown into the wardrobe too. Be regarded as equally, Bei Bei will eliminate a half new shirt soon every two or three months, the price costs 400 yuan at least. 
It is still a small figure that this is poured. Bei Bei of love pay attention to oneself image when being little and clever extremely, constitutional reform changed the model all day long. It is still a sport dress of the youthful sunshine today, will change into a young man of Punk of the fat trousers of fat clothing tomorrow, arrive, transform into refined cover mix, put up, leather jacket add body change one's identity suddenly western cowherd again the two days after tomorrow on a sudden impulse the day after tomorrow. Who says that it is a girl's patent to go shopping, the men's clothing department that Bei Bei nearly each one will reach the market in month purchases, hey, the man in fact in the love is very crazy too. 
Even if the staff canteen of the company offers a variety of cooked food eating three meals a day, convenient and substantial, just have enough 5 yuan. Unless it is absolutely necessary, nitpicking Bei Bei seldom patronizes. Go out, run business take let it be too, in Company people at ordinary times in restaurant, get lunch time each time, Bei Bei can reach nearby chop house fry last meat dish too, will give the extra red meat porridge of lime-preserved egg of portioned rice bowl at least, more than ten yuan is minimum cost, will come down in one month, the mere lunch takes 200-300. If is the on-the-job worker's dining room, 100 yuan at the most. Fortunately Bei Bei's breakfast and dinner at ordinary times are all solved at home, otherwise not know how much he wants to use up in the chop house. 
In Bei Bei who loves the state deeply with often meeting small and clever, no matter go shopping, see the film, take a walk in the street hand in hand, a delicious dinner is always the indispensable program. Though Bei Bei mention, want with light to come back home, have a meal together while being clever, little and clever always with " too shy " several times too Have refused. Kentucky may, Ma Lan's hand-pulled noodles is all right, but will go once to Sarah's uncle and FRIDAY restaurant to mention the grade once in a while, go, taste French food, Thai dish and then, Spanish fresh in dish, reach street newly opened special dining room of one change the taste and then. Small to have a dinner, finish, can go to restaurant gate go, wait quiet each time while being clever, because she rests assured very much in Bei Bei's hands, he will form them clean without a murmur each time in the bill. And Bei Bei come out buttock curve will reduce last any radian from restaurant each time, because the wallet in the wind pocket is getting wizened again. 
3,Live in 
Compared with those nonlocal colleagues of the unit, Bei Bei thinks oneself very lucky, he does not need to be the monthly rent at least to pay the money earned by hard toil of a thousand times. A lazy excuse that this has become Bei Bei and worked: "Look, remove rent, A big money and I that they earned almost! " 
One of the reasons why the other places works that this is mother too to object to Bei Bei's going originally: Live at home now, the monthly salary of Bei Bei is not enough for flowers; Add again burden to have rent, I'm afraid Bei Bei have, take, have nothing to eat two weeks. But Bei Bei also always discontented with, " go other places work, I can support oneself naturally! " It is really that the well-fed don't know how the starving suffer. 
Closing on to graduate from that burst in the university, Bei Bei lets fathers buy a car making a racket. 
"Daddy, you watch you forty or fifty year old of peoples, should come on vehicles of turning on four-wheeled early. " Bei Bei instigates father exerting all one's effort, it is first too enjoyable not to also want to buy car. But the money of the family was spent on on the down payment of that second-hand house at that time, the subway changed its course the room rate fell sharply and lost several ten thousand finally, the thing of buying car has been sentenced to postpone a deadline to carry out helplessly. Nowadays, the eyes see one's own job step into the right path gradually, the economic situation of the family tends towards stability too, Bei Bei lists this in the agenda again. 
Bei Bei's unit leaves home really not too near, must take the subway and transfer to the bus and arrive again every day, round travelling expenses must want 10 yuan, what that call a taxi back and forth 50 yuan. It is still less important to spend money, the more important thing is the business that Bei Bei often wants to go out to run, it is really convenient to be many that there is one to drive by oneself. What's more, small to say to Bei Bei colleague until what a scene the boyfriend have to meet and send off every day of her again as if carelessly at yesterday while being clever. 
" mother, let's buy a car too, " Bei Bei knows, such a thing must look for mother to decide. 
"Buy the car, OK, grants the loan to buy by oneself! " Mother has meant the military pledge wanting to earn one's own living on the wall, has given Bei Bei a severity shown by an official on assuming office. 
Grant the loan? Think of being less than the incomes of 2,000 per month, Bei Bei makes and talks in whispers. Even if it is parents that help, pay car down payment of style, oneself want, return loan again every month, and also maintain the car, having translated several somersaults these two years at the mere oil price, it takes a thousand times at least to change a piece of light fittings, there are parking areas of the district, still charged 200 yuan unexpectedly every month   Bei Bei is considering, present oneself, to I'm afraid is not still so costly as a car. 
" love economy "  It is the hot problem that the economist studies early, even someone prophesies, it will become " the fourth carriage " which will spur the social economic growth . This has already got the strongest confirmation on Bei Bei, because Bei Bei nearly donates all incomes of every month to the love.   

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