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July 20 2009, 10:52 PM

During the time that is nearly 6 years, he receives 3756 answered test papers together. 74% of the persons of these answered test papers answer, they have known how many kinds of uses a pencil has. 
General hot Roth original purpose, to want, find out these enter people of prison what does it learn in school this on earth really, his true intention so as to delay the time in U.S.A., in order to look for a job related to law science. However, when he saw this strange answer, can not take care of so many again, determine to carry on research at once, even if the report will be come back to Czech immediately after coming out. 
General hot Roth has visited the boss of the largest fur shop in New York at first, the boss says: "Yes, shellfish nanotesla (nT)s of pastor teach we how many kinds of uses a pencil have. The first composition that we entered school is this topic. Originally, I thought only one kind of uses of pencils, that was to write. Who knows the pencil not only can be used for writing, can also be used for making rulers and drawing the line if necessary, still can make a gift of the friendliness of expressing as the gift; Can act as the goods and sell and obtain profits; The core of the pencil can be made and lubricated the powder after being ground into powder; Can also be used for making up temporarily at the time of the performance; Paring the saw-dust under can be made into and drawn ornamentally; Saw several, can make into a pair of chess in proportion according to being equal to of a pencil, can regard as the wheel of the toy; When there is a dangerous situation in the field, the pencil still can be drunk water in the crack of stone as the suction while taking out the core; While running into the bad person, it still can be as the weapon defending oneself to sharpen the sharp pencil   In a word, a pencil has countless kinds of uses. Shellfish nanotesla (nT)s of pastor let child of the poor us understand, have eyes, nose, ears, brain, people of trick have countless kinds of uses even more, and any kind of use is all enough to make us survive. I was a trolley driver originally, unemployed later. Now, look, I am a furrier. " 
General hot Roth interview some holy shellfish nanotesla (nT)s of student who institute graduate later, it finds to be no matter high and low, they have one job, live a life very optimistic. Moreover, they can all tell a pencil and at least 20 kinds of uses. 
General hot Roth is unable to suppress this one and investigate the excitement brought to him again. It is over to investigate, he gives up and looks for the idea that a lawyer works in U.S.A., come back to our country hurriedly. At present, he is a president of the largest network company in Czech. At night on Christmas of 2000, he sent a research report " the world where waking up and its dormancy state " to City Hall of New York through e-mail, can be regarded as the repayment of the former mayor correctly.   


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