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December 17 2009, 4:03 AM

Seven pieces of sincere advice of life
1,Break arrows

Do not believe one's own will, can not make into a general forever.

In era in period in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring states, a father and his son's expedition shivers. Father make general already, son only Ma Qian soldier. Another burst of clarion call is blown, the war drum is thunderous, father holds up an arrow bag solemnly, among them an arrow is inserted. Father said to the son seriously: "This is that a family attacks the treasure arrow, wear it at one's side, strength is infinite, but can't release. "
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That is an extremely exquisite arrow bag, the thick cow hide is made, is suffused with the child by all copper inlaying faintly, and then see the arrow end emerging. Can assert and make with the first-class peacock feather at one glance. Son look very happy, imagine shaft, look of arrow point greedy, seem whiz whiz by the ear the arrow sound is skimmed over, the chief commander of the enemy rolls over the horse and kills at the sound.

As expected, the son who wears treasure arrow is brave and outstanding, carry all before one. When the clarion call sounding the retreat is blown, the heroic spirit which the son can't help winning again, betray to exhort father totally, strong desire drive he breathe out one draw, produce treasure arrow, attempt to see an outcome. He is stupefied suddenly.

One gives up the arrow, hold an arrow of rupture in the arrow bag.

I Ku only the disconnected arrow is fighting! It is in a cold sweat that the son is frightened, seem to lose the house of the pillar in seconds, the will has collapsed with a loud crash.

The result is comprehended without being told, the son died tragically of the haphazard army.

Stroke, turn on the drizzly smoke of gunpowder, father picks up the disconnected arrow of handle those, spit every one heavily: "Do not believe one's own will, can not make into a general forever. "

Place the victory or defeat on a treasure arrow, how stupid, and look on as a person gives core and handle of the life to others, and how dangerous! For example place hoping on children; Place being happy on husband; Place the living guarantee on the unit on one's body  

Warm suggestion: Oneself is only an arrow, if it is tough and tensile to want it, it is sharp if will want it, if will want it to shoot with great precision, shoot with unfailing accuracy, temper it, that save it can only be oneself.

2,Value of the life

Don't let the depression of yesterday make the dream of tomorrow overshadowed!

At a discussion, a famous speech family has not spoken a sentence of opening remarks, but hold a bank note of 20 dollars high in the hand.

200 people in the meeting room, he asks: "Who costs these 20 dollars? " Hands have been put up one by one. He continues saying: "I plan to give these 20 dollars to one of yours, but before this, please permit me to do a thing. " He rubs the bank note to roll saying, then ask: "Who still wants? " Still someone lifts hands.

He says again: "Then, if how do I do it in this way? " He throw away get ground bank note, set foot on one foot again, grind it with the foot. He picks up the bank note thereafter, the bank note has already made and dirty and wrinkled.

"Who still wants now? " Someone lifts hands.

"Friends, you have had a very meaningful lesson. No matter how I am to treat that bank note, you want it, because it has not devalued, it is still worth 20 dollars. On the way of life, we will be knocked down, bullied and humiliated even ground utterly crushedly by one's own decision or adverse circumstance that meet many times. We think we do not seem worth a pin. Whatever happens, take place anything, in God's eyes, you will never lose value. In his view, dirty or clean, wear neat or not neat clothes, you are still priceless treasure. "

Warm suggestion: The value of the life does not rely on our behavior, does not rely on the personages who we made either, but depend on we ourselves! We are unique - -Never forget this!

3,Very beautiful when holding the head high
Although it is a black cow, the milk is white equally.

Jenny is a little girl that always likes with one's head low, she has been thinking all the time that does not grow beautiful enough oneself. One day, she has gone to the ornament shop to only buy the green bow, shopkeeper is very beautiful when praising her and wearing bows constantly, although Jenny does not believe, very glad, has not been held the head high, it is eager to let everybody have a look, have gone out and knocked into and did not take notice of people.

Jenny comes into the classroom, has run into her teacher in one's face, " Jenny, you are very beautiful when holding the head high! " The teacher caresses the shoulder which pats on her is said.

That day, she got a lot of people's praise. It must be a contribution of the bow that she think, can shine in front of the mirror, on the head at all No bow, touch losing with people when must go out of the ornament shop.

Self-confident script one beauty, but a lot of people take notice of appearance and lose much happiness very much.

Warm suggestion: No matter poverty or rich, no matter the looks is like the beauty, or the appearance is mediocre, so long as you hold the head high, it will make you lovely that happy - -That kind that everybody likes is lovely.

4,Draw a slice of leaf for the life

So long as the heart stores and believes, always have a miracle that takes place, hopes though slim, this world of its perpetuity.

American writer Ou; Henry has told a story in " the last film leaf " of novel of his: In the ward, a critically ill patient saw a tree outside window from the room, slices drop in the autumn wind. Whom patient look at before one's eyes sough fallen leaf, health go from bad to worse thereupon too, worse and worse day by day. She says: "When falling in all leaves all, I will die soon too. " An old painter hung on the branch with a slice of leaf with fresh and green vein of strokes of a Chinese character of color after learning.

The last leaf has not fallen down all the time. Only because this slice in the life is green, the patient lived miraculously unexpectedly.

Warm suggestion: There can not be a lot of things in life, but only can't be hopeless. The hope is an important value of the human life. The place hopeful, the life is on the life and growth in nature!

5,Spider hovering

Faith is that one kind does not have hard strength not pressed for, when you firmly believe you can be successful, you can succeed.

One day, I found, a black spider formed a very big network between two eaves of the backyard. Can the spider fly? Otherwise reach the eaves hair from the eaves head, there are 3.33 meters of Yu Kuan in the middle, how was the first line drawn in the past? Later, I found spiders walked in a lot of detours --From a eaves very beginning, tie and go downward along wall, climb forward step by step, meticulously, tilt the tail, does not allow silks to be dipped in on sandstone or other objects in the ground, pass by the vacant lot, get on and then opposite eaves head, height almost, tighten up silk, the same.

Warm suggestion: The spider will not hover, but it can insult the network and form in the air. It diligent, sensitivity, silence but tenacious insect, network of it make exquisiteness and rule, shape of the Eight Diagrams is opened, seems to be helped by the god. Such achievement, enable people and is not remembered those persons of few words and some the wise keeping one's own counsel. Then, I have remembered spiders will not hover, but it forms the network in the sky all the same. The miracle is that the persistent one causes.

6,The shade is a piece of paper dragon

In life, have countless from external blow often, but these it attacks to be can until what kind of influence you produce on earth, the final power to make decision is in your hand.

The grandfather has made a long queue for me with the paper. The space of the abdominal cavity of long queue can only hold several locusts, throws in, they have all died inside, none escapes by luck! The grandfather says: "The locust has too rash temper, except struggle, they have not thought of breaking the long queue by the teeth with the mouth, do not know either that can crawl from another end out forward all the time. Therefore, though the general thigh of mouth shell and sawtooth that it has like iron pincerses, of no avail. " Work as the grandfather and put in several blue and green worms of the same size from the tap, then turn off the tap, the miracle has appeared: Only several minute, little blue and green worm one one climb from dragon tail out.

Warm suggestion: Destiny has been concealing in our thought all the time. A lot of people can not go out of the either large or small shade of life each different stageses, because how far is they bad than others in innate personal terms, but because they have thought want, break shade paper dragon by the teeth, it is out of patience to find a direction accurately slowly too, step by step forward, until presenting the new cave heaven before one's eyes.

7,It is not as difficult as what you imagined to succeed

Because thing difficult for us to dare, make, but because we dare, do something not difficult.

In 1965, a South Korean student went to Cambridge University to major in psychology. When drinking afternoon tea, he often goes to the coffee shop or teahouse of the school to listen to some successful personages chatting. These successful personages include the Nobel laureate, the persons of some some academic authorities of field and some creation with mythical economy, these people are humorous and witty, if weight lifting is light, see all one's own success very naturally and naturally. It is long, he finds, when domestic, he was cheated by some successful personages. Those people are in order to let the person starting an undertaking beat a retreat in the face of difficulties, exaggerate one's own undertaking hardships generally, that is to say, they are going through and frightening those persons not succeeding yet with one's own success.

The students that as being psychological, he thinks very necessary psychology to the South Korean successful personage is studied. In 1970, he regarded " success was not as difficult as what you imagined " as the graduation thesis, refer to founder Will with psychological modern economy; Professor Braden. After Professor Braden reads, very pleasantly surprised, he thinks this is a new discovery, though this kind of phenomenon generally exist in the east even in all parts of the world, but still nobody puts forward and studies boldly before this. After being pleasantly surprised, he writes to his alumnus in Cambridge --The person on the South Korean political circles first armchair sat at that time --Pu ZhengXi. He say " I dare, say how loud help to you it will be the work among letter, but I am sure it can all be produced and shaken more than any government decree of yours. "

Later on this book is really accompanied by the economic take-off of South Korea. This book has encouraged a lot of people, because they tell people from a new angle, succeed and " toil flesh and bone, its hungry skin of body " " three lights chicken just before dawn "  , " the head hangs the roof beam, the awl is stung burst " There is no inevitable connection. So long as you are interested in a certain undertaking, will succeed when persevering for a long time, because God gives your time and intelligence are enough for you to finish a thing satisfactorily. Later, this young man succeeded too, he became the president of the motor corporation of suffused withing industry of South Korea.

Warm suggestion: A lot of things in this world, so long as want to do, can accomplish, the difficulty that should be overcome, can overcome too, what iron will it is needless, what skill or strategy does it no need still more. So long as a person is still living sincerely and full of interestly, he will find eventually, the Creator, to the arrangement of the affairs of human life, are all success will come after conditons are ripe.


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