Tell myself I'll stop everyday

Tell myself I'll stop everyday, knowin' that I won't

It is rather boring to write the topic like this

April 29 2009, 5:00 AM

It is rather boring to write the topic like this, but the red building is originally a ridiculous dream, we are discussing this dream again today, is it more a dream in the dream? Since the nonsense, there is something that can not bring and say that brought playing. 
Pen but fee hesitate quite, build Grand View Garden girl, can nearly deserve to be called beauties, write one by one simply atrociously. And the turnip green vegetables has his likes and dislikes, compare beautifully and beautifully and very difficult. So has thought of a method, has divided the beauty in the Grand View Garden into four kinds roughly, one attitude of saying, two say gaudy, three say charming, the fourth special, beauty of belong to write write, imagination need. 
     (1) Attitude 
Say the first kind first - -Awkward immediately. Because should give "  The attitude " The next definition of the word, it is not an easy thing that want. To be simple, this kind of beauty, U.S.A. is in its romantic charm. They might not have perfect facial features and stature, but must have outstanding makings. 
1,Distinguished and admirable mild and indirect Lin Daiyu 
TOP of the beauty of the Grand View Garden, is undoubtedly the jade of black pigment. I know someone raises the hand and objects to it immediately, because the Lin Daiyu type beauty has been already unwelcome today, even book say black pigment to be jade most beautiful, praise treasure hairpin " appearance lush never too, everybody says the jade of black pigment is inferior to "  . But does not let the author deceive, much pen and ink of Dream of the Red Chamber is unusually cunning. 
All description black pigment place of jade in the book, pen and ink empty fairy most, do the best simulation his " attitude " all without exception Its beauty. In fact, author write, come on one by one facial features and figure of her never. Even she just appeared on the scene and appeared, composed body to play up by one section (convention of such classical treatise, few in Dream of the Red Chamber)  ,Leave the looks that have her only all the time of the impression for us. 
"It is like knitting not knitting áI's cigarette eyebrow that two is curved, one pair is like liking not to like the amorous eye. Catch worrying, attacks one suit of diseases delicately of two Ye in attitude   According to water like the handsome flower when being gentle and refined, the action place is like slim and delicate willow Fufeng. " 
Even if such a thin pen is described, you still can't define either whether the eyebrow of the jade of black pigment is a hill eyebrow or crescent eyebrow, whether eyes are the single-edge eyelid or double-fold eyelids. It is not influenced at all that this seems beauty of the jade of black pigment. 
Jia office of everybody's eyes hit looking: "Although the annual looks of jade of black pigment is little, its talk of bearing is original, although body face is very timid and weak-willed, but there are a section of natural distinguished and admirable attitudes. " Yes, the jade of black pigment is an " attitude " all the time ,The beautiful but indeterminate one "  The attitude " . Just think the jade is grown fragrantly in 19 quiets day, what a charming written language, one of the jade of black pigment knits the brows and smiles, how make first-class beauty! This kind of characters are too many in books, can only slightly lift several places. 
One 26 the end, black pigment jade go to the happy red courtyard to take the given cold-shoulder, misunderstand the treasured jade: 
  Reveal regardless of green liverwort cold too, spend foot-path chill, under independent corner side spend overcast, sad to sob, stand up while being intimate while being sad. This Lin Daiyu grasped the peerless looks originally, for pretty generation, this one cried by chance, nearby withy constellation bird that flower have that perch crow smell this, all very stupefied to fly, blow, avoid far while being stupefied, can't bear to hear again. Really: The colored soul has no mood quietly, where to shy bird's dreams are silly and silly. Because there is a poem one: "The talent and appearance should wish, embrace and go out of and embroider the boudoir deep and remote and sweet-smellingly alone generation to knit the brows. Sob one still unfinished, fall flower the bird shy, fly to all overly. " 
This is not a poem "  Breath-taking beauty "  ? 

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Think it over

March 26 2009, 11:20 PM

In the former period, the celebrity opens rich and very lively. Nowadays, the grass root of ordinary person having comparative advantage on the quantity has been " open richly " everywhere gradually too ,Make the blog become a part of much people's life rapidly like popular culture elements. 
The playing method all-ages to this kind of men and women, I have wanted to try it and tried for a long time. But because there is less time suitable for free to arranging, take action recently. From December 14 last year to the present, " open richly " Several months, at the highest of enthusiasm, even surf the Net inconvenient a certain, can within a few days newer too. Have no time, write, with old as main fact, fortunately in the past diligent, stock much. 
Thought "  Open richly " There is a family plot, it is happy and harmonious to deal in the own dish garden well. Very proper and rich"  The guest " ,Just find here is a cultural treasure-house with limitless space! At ordinary times, the information that the masses accept mostly come from the media, the incident happening in the world every day and people's experience to social life, we can only see that enter sights of reporter and editor, some few secondhand compiled by them, the information that the overwhelming majority is original and ecological is flooded in the ordinary day passing hurriedly. 
Ordinary person's blog has opened a window for us, one can go out of the window of visual field of Volkswagen that the media confines. In this sense, can bring greater benefit and happiness to somebody to write to read to Boby richly, the such abundant content of reading, make me overjoyed! 
I have been suspecting all the time that suffer from by oneself one kind to call "  Read obsession "  Persistent ailment,might grow up it by times as me it suffer from there aren't some Relevant. There are too few books that perhaps can be read at that time, in hungry and thirsty state for a long time, enabled me in information explosion era, have more visitors or business than one can attend to in the face of newspapers and periodicals, books, TV and network covering the sky and the earth, produce strong swallowing the hope of reading. So long as eyes open, hand getting unoccupied, must read something, have a meeting, if lavatory, go by bus, even walk, while only reading, will be steady and sure in the heart, will be calm, otherwise impatient, will be impetuous soon. Look like one person that have enough always as a child just, face a large amount of no matter junk food or delicious food suddenly, there is vigorous appetite, it would be suprised if it is round not to prop up oneself the full belly of a piece of belly. Nowadays, there is a good destination such as blogs, my " force and read " The ones that had even more have been read. 
Is it useful in the belly to read a pile of characters? The ancient says " the Xiucai stays indoor, know the affairs in this world " . It is still really like this. Although it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, the world is big, no one can go over, can't thing of personal experience,place that can't go in person, can through reading remedy. What's more read knowledge and information obtained, can often need. 
Certainly, just as nothing good things can eat more, excessive to read and have a side effect too. Eyesight tired, cervical vertebra disease go, say it, old " becoming literate confused beginning life " . Read much, the brain is messy, the ability to distinguish merits is worse and worse, people become confused. In addition, if news such as the war, homicide, corruption, environmental pollution, energy crisis are packed with your eyeball, it is worried and worried to unavoidably let you increase, if you do not say " what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over " Woolen cloth. 
Think it over, treat, read obsession only effective method, it I'm afraids to be to go out, travel. When I can to give birth to the rich friend of the wind under the foot like those too, walk its ten thousand li every year, our this persistent ailment may be just managed!   

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George is a famous

February 16 2009, 2:20 AM

George Pet Shop Frontline Tick Frontline Cat is a famous big shot of pot pot in California of U.S.A., the assets exceed 1 billion dollars. In some year, he and merchant parnter David

flew to one large city in China from California, plan to make the investment to found the factory there, so, he needs to look for the cooperative

partner. Through many kinds of efforts, three days later, George sat before the conference table at last, was the leader of one large-scale

enterprise in our country with the target of his negotiation. Before this leader can accomplish the conference table, because his ability of knowing

the own business and understanding thoroughly the market conditions made George rather appreciate. Especially after George has listened to

this leader to the grand imagination of the joint venture, he has seemed to see the glory prospect of the joint venture. But while planning to

contract, listen to this leader rather speaking with confidence one proud ofing sometimes: "Our enterprise had more than 2000 workers,

altogether more than 7 million yuan of contribution tax last year, capability was the absolute richness   "     
Hear here, George is dull at once, he nips and means and calculates secretly: It was more than 900,000 that 7 million yuan was converted into

U.S. dollar, one of more than 2000 people's enterprises did not make such a little bit money until one year; Moreover, this leader also behaves

very proudly and satisfiedly, it seems this enterprise ?\ will make George very disappointed definitely after cooperation, because it is really too

great to leave the profit target disparity that oneself is scheduled. It is a blessing the contract has not been signed yet, then, George decides to

stop the cooperation negotiation immediately.      
The investment soon soon in one's hands flies in this way, the reason is only because of a word, moreover still because of a good word. Just think

if that leader can keep quiet at that time, then will not this just become? Can only prove the leader speak, look for correctly opportunity yet, say

he go through numerous hardships, learn how about to speak yet a few years in market, not what kind of said in what occasion is known, lose a

sum of very large investment because of this question too finally, have caused greater economic losses to country!      
Good words are not all applicable at any time, can not benefit oneself at any time, but should see the opportunity. The opportunity is right, that is

strength; The opportunity is wrong, then has become and hindered!        
Section 18: Second, say (1) while being offhand        
It is not anything simple to speak, want to say that say, think when to say when to say, person that have even want, speak what speak anything,

undergo thinking of brain at all, in this way, it was still oneself that suffered a loss finally. So, will have done some preparations before speaking,

according to experience, cognitive ability, his hobby, life habits and acquired characteristics to the things of target and him of speaking,etc., it

could start and talk and exchange to carry on some basic understanding, only in this way, exchange and reach the best result.      
A lot of celebrity of history celebrity because they importance that understand speak, preparing deeply. One if offhand speak, face one

examination Flea Medication Flea Remedies being offhand just, will become very passive, the result will be disadvantageous that very one's own too. While contacted with the

stranger, someone describes such social field as " the battle field " overstating ,If you want to succeed in making the victory fighting, must know

yourself as well as the enemy, you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat for ability. It is a very clever person that the minister in

Qing Dynasty holds and declares the chest.      
It is a minister in late Qing to hold and declare the chest, he just took up an official post while paying a formal visit to strange higher authorities,

pay much attention to finding out about the relevant situations of the other side, preparing and dialogue of this higher authorities. One day, the

chance came at last. Under the recommending with guarantee of Li Lianying, his strange higher authorities Prince Chun decided to be met at last

this one was subordinate, and the residence of Pinghu specially gives a banquet and meets him very much in Xuanwumen specially, by the way

condescend to inquire the matters about telegram to him. Hold, declare, cherish, see Prince Chun never before, hanger-on " private adviser

Zhang " of Prince Chun But in close association, hold and declare cherishing and know the situation of two respects about Prince Chun from him

usually: The first is that Prince Chun is different from Prince Gong, exactly studied Westernly when it is in vogue to begin in China at that time,

Prince Gong thinks China must follow and study Westernly to strengthen one's own capability, but Prince Chun is different, he does not think

Chinese worse than foreigner, so on the attitude towards foreign culture, Prince Chun is a piece of sheer conservatives; It is so military that the

second is Prince Chun, think the book is read much, have much literary grace too, often show off his literary grace in a lot of occasions. It hold it

declare it cherish it find out about reach after these situations by old man, ministers of Ministry of worker, as an emperor's teacher, rapidly with

and there copy by some poem draft of Prince Chun, read good several it skilfully, prepare against " the possible period of want or need " .      
These still enough, for be able to let Prince Chun first reception, leave one's own good impression in his mind, have held and declared and

cherished and also done a lot preparation. For example hold and declare and cherish and still realize some Prince Chun's attention from Prince

Chun's poem, as the saying goes "  The style of the article shows the character of the author "  ,This have heavy use very in dialogue of Prince

Chun, in case oneself say the other side like what that listen to, all that preceding efforts are just useless. After getting these ready, hold and

declare cherishing to call on that Prince Chun of higher authorities not meeting confidently.             
Section 19: Second, say (2) while being offhand        
Everything is very smooth, it declares and cherishes and basically answers all the questions to Prince Chun's words to hold, and every sentence

talk about bottom of one's heart of him, mention as them telegram on the this noun, Prince Chun pretends to ask Sheng XuanHuai: "What on

earth is the matter for that telegram? "      
Hold and declare cherishing to prepare to this early, he answers unhurriedly: "Go back for the talking about of the chieftain. Unless telegram itself

the amazing to be have nothing, it depend on use flexibly all,so-called ' use the wonderful, check wholeheartedly ', that's it. "    
Prince Chun unexpectedly still can quote the military and solemn words of high mountain while listening to him, the interest has come at once,

treat with special respect unavoidably too to that this one of his is subordinate at the same time, ask: "Have you read the book on military

strategy and tactics too? " Hold and declare cherishing and has not spoilt because of this kind of question of higher authorities', he is still that kind

of modest attitude: "In front of the chieftain, how dare say that read the book on military strategy and tactics? Made in Great Britain and France,

Wencong shows the west of the emperor to keep and hunt, concerned about one's country and one's people, died unexpectedly. If it was not that

chieftain's spirit was military at that time, it was fierce that strength will catch three, the overall situation was just really too ghastly to

contemplate. " Hold, declare, cherish, forget, praise higher authorities, the opportunity to can meet and can't be asked really either when being

modest. Holding and declaring cherishing slightly stops saying again: "People that there was vim and vigour at that time, who did not want to

wipe High pressure pumps Piston Pumps Metering Pumps out national humiliation, Xuan Huai was here at that time, overestimate one's strength, has read a few books on military strategy and tactics.


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"Who are you

December 30 2008, 3:42 AM

"Who are you? "    
"White in conformity with the peak. " He answers.    
"Then who am I? " She asks again.    
"Qin RuoYu. "    
Transient after waking up in early morning, Qin RuoYu feels and puzzles once again, under his company, she fell asleep smoothly, she did not wake up until the doctor every other day is coming again.    
As to her memory loss, the doctor is very sorry to say, " powerless. "    
Does she lose memory? !    
It is not surprised at this kind of result in conformity with the peak to be white. She becomes it in this way now, should he send her back to the mountain villa of medicines and stone needles?    
"This playboy, God has clumsy, unable to cure this girl skill. Perhaps you can go to the mountain villa of medicines and stone needles to go, the goddess cures the heart charitably, with extreme medical skill, perhaps she has a method to cure this girl. "    
Goddess' medicine? It is annoyed and sneered at the behaviours or things made in conformity with the peak to be white, if the doctor knows this girl needing to treat is medicine of goddess in his mouth at the moment, what kind of responses will it be?    
See off behind the doctor, continuation that he does not avoid arousing suspicion look after Qin if rain. Still very weak because of her health, so they stay for a few more days again.    
"The peak? " Qin if rain opens eyes, search the figure that is familiar with in the room.    
He tell her should how call he, and she very natural asking so smoothly very much.    
"I am here. " White to under windowsill on one side jump, go to by the bed holding her hands since in conformity with peak. She has smiled because this acted.    
Qin RuoYu sits and stands up, looks at each other with he sitting in the edge of bed, " you have not slept for one night. " This is a assertive sentence. In order to look after her, he has not often slept for one night, does not she understand, why needn't he sleep?    
"It doesn't matter. " Needn't say more that know too she is worrying about him.    
"Will we leave here? " Having hesitated, she asks.    
It has been already similarly good that she occupied the wound on, the part of extravasated blood has already broken up too on one's body, only the wound of the head has not healed yet. Can leave the bed and get about much while already resuming in her physical power.    
There are surprised silks while looking at her expression in one's eyes whitely in conformity with the peak, he nods, " eh. "    
Have never expected she will perceive his attention.    
"Will you lead me to walk together? " She only recognizes him, only believes him too.    

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