Tell myself I'll stop everyday

Tell myself I'll stop everyday, knowin' that I won't

If really all right

August 15 2008, 10:13 PM

If really all right

Language Handmade Earrings and commitment with very luxurious nothing  There are no beautiful expression and movement cared about  But it can't represent anything
To this kind of stage  I can only be by comfort the heart that I cry bitterlying
If I put down all you accompany you some day  Perhaps it is not like this
If my ruthless lower heart comes today  Forget you  Perhaps it is not like this
If I will really come near you tomorrow  Perhaps it is not like this
If  ...
If I High pressure pumps| Mud pumpsPiston Pumps| Reciprocating Pump| Metering Pumps| still love you one day  If you even love me one day  If we came into the palace of the marriage one day  If have one day  .....
Burying miss and greeting to you in the heart  Care showing consideration for
If let the wind take to your ear
If let the cloud send in front of you
If really all right  The ones that let the rain wash on me " The dust "
If really all right  I love to let the snow be ice-bound
If really all right  Let water of the Yellow River  Send my feeling into the sea
If really all right  Let the deep blue of years be wounded  The ones that wipe and put down me are dejected
If really all right  Let me love you for 10,000 years

I am the fish you are water 

The fish say to water: I have been crying, but you will never know, because I am in water.
Water Leather handbags is said: I know, because you have been in my heart all the time.
I am not the fish, you are not water, the tears that you can see me lonely?
Perhaps, because this is lonely lover's tears.

The fish say to water: I will never leave you, because will leave you, I am unable to survive.
Water is said: I know, but if is your heart out?
I am not the fish, you are not water, I do not leave you because I love you.
But do you have me in the heart?
The fish say to water: I am very lonely, because I can only stay in water.
Water is said: I know, because hold your loneliness in my heart.
I am not the fish, you are not water, my loneliness is because I miss you.
But, can you feel?
The fish say to water: If there are no fish in water, what is that left yet?
Water is said: Without you, how to have me?
I am not the fish, you are not water, does not have your love, I know the work well equally.
However, the work well does not represent forgetting.
The fish say to water: Can't go out all one's life to have a look in the external world, it is my greatest regret all one's life.
Water is said: Can't give up your thought all one's life, the greatest failure of this lifetime that it is me.
I am not the fish, you are not water, I only want a commitment all one's life now.
But, can you afford?
The fish say to water: In your life, which fish am I?
Water is said: You are not the first fish in water, but my first fish in the heart.
I am not the fish, you are not water, we are not all the first in each other's life.
However, know? You are my first care person.
The fish say to water: Do you believe that fall in love at first sight?
Water is said: As I realize you were fish that time, I knew you will swim over to me.
I am not the fish, you are not water. I thought my emotion to you can't be permanent, because that fell in love at first sight.
But Leather Handbag |Pet CarrierHandmade Jewelry I am wrong, like the wine, it is more and more fragrant to seal the emotion.
The fish say to water: Why is all me each time to ask you answer?
Water is said: Because the heart which I like letting you understand me in answering.
I am not the fish, you are not water, why do you always let me wait?
, you do not know, wait =Lose confidence =Give up?
If I am the fish, you are water, then how good is it?
Water know idea of fish forever, in water in the heart fish.
But I am not the fish, you are not water.
You will never know my love, perhaps I am not in your heart at all either.
If I am the fish, you are water,
May I Water Injection Pumps swim into your heart  

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The other shore, ether world

June 19 2008, 2:30 AM

The other shore, ether world    
--Cruel youthful story

 Following the Overseas Removal  paces of two beautiful masters of the rock well, we came into " Lily's everything of week " together, come into ether world together!
Youth, how showy one noun, in world of ether, lotus see hero deduce for us those piece only belong to his own gray youth. One hero, one clear to bear patiently but have no time child that resist; Doing very easy compromise of everything, he once mixed with the classmates in the class with each other too, but find eventually that does not belong to their world oneself. Hero one should be regarded as a little typical boy in the film - -Lonely small and weak, he could come out by real release soul among fictitious network world only; In the face of the ice-cold screen, hero 10 means that dance on the keyboard with Lily's week's music, could receive real freedom by oneself at this moment! In Lily BBS of week, the hero makes friends with a DJ which is called the blue and green cat, but he does not know   Rock well beautiful two master reflect personage characteristic tactics very much clear and very much superb even, submit to humiliation simply just as soon as Interior Design  beginning heroes, come so ending that dies, he release, come out totally heart that is constrain, then he finish star wild life personally! One hero bear cry, struggle, resist patiently, represent in everybody at the moment at the last moment.
Cruel, I at this moment have not known yet whether it is describing the youth or star and repairing lying between wildly, also perhaps the two are all. Star wild, one make tragic life carrier of distillation, he present we have no right to spend kindly with defining malicously. From beginning of the film to end, it is the disintegration of the wild life of the star, baptism of the life, disintegration of soul. It is the odd-shaped society that destroy he personally, personally him from an obedient child who arranged, have become a cruel social ruffian. The star turns wildly into the lion with blood with one's own youth, but can not escape from the forest that confines him after all; As the death comes, the misfortune is attacked, but the kings of ten thousand cruel, supercilious beasts have one's heart filled with the fear. He shouts, cries for help, youthful violence, evil, it is only a selfprotectionist way of youth. Here, I have no right judgement way this, to still fault. Every soul jump under will attire in the mask cover up at ball, about mask, what it covers include true identity and name. Drawing support from the magnificent youth, has exaggerated all happiness; So, it is DJ " blue and green cat " that it is being wild that the hero has not been knowing the star until finally all the time ,But one is that Philippines' strength has been inferior if the star is too wild to know the hero  reSidence design  bullied by oneself all the time either till death



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A bowl of hometowns

June 16 2008, 4:14 AM

A bowl of hometowns      

"Have eaten? Moving company  What is eaten? " I put through the son's telephone.
"Having eaten, rice. " Son's cheerful voice comes in the telephone, that end.
"Fragrant? " I am a little miserable. The son is a little man in the North, have liked eating the wheaten food like his father since childhood, not

liking eating the rice, but after going to Wuhan to enter university, it seems to have rice only every day, must eat either.
"Fragrant, very fragrant. " The son laughs heartily.
"Wait, mother give you make bowl hometown hand-pulled noodles personally, let you can have we hand-pulled noodles of house too as far

back as alien land if there is an opportunity. " I promise for the son that is out.
"Sure, I am waiting. " Though the son knows it is a bad check, for not letting me down, or tease with me smiling at on the phone.
Who says it is the bad check, this chance has really come at the moment, really.
Look, just put down the telephone, I came to that school where the child studied in outside 1,000 kilometers. I come to Wuhan two, one to send

child to college, one to come, look after the   logistics company child specially. There are several rows of small hotels outside the school door, I come to Wuhan to

have a meal in these small hotels each time. I know there is a wheaten food hall of Shanxi here, the boss of the store is from Shanxi, deal in hand

roll surface set aside surface hand-pulled noodles sharpen surface pick sharp, I settle down children each time mainly, want to eat the surface,

come here to solve the slander. Little of Mr. of hall these are very much hospitable even, look after and add children leaving home.
"Have come? " Shanxi young master admit villager very much, he see I and son, a enthusiastic one come up, greet.
"Remember me? " I raise the face smiling.
"How can forget where it is, you are a fellow-villager in Shanxi, it all eat the surface here to come each time, you have left, your child often comes

over to eat the Taxi too, rest assured, all for people parents, I did not know against one's conscience. " The young master does not lose and travel

widely, what the mouth is practised is bad-tempered to break out fragily.
"Boss, is the hand-pulled noodles still three and a bowl? " I have left for half years, there is not the long price of hand-pulled noodles not known

"Small book deal, earn pieces of grain ration money, child difficult, how can rise in price straight where,  Office Relocation we should not earn that evil mind

money. "
" have not risen in price, " I discuss with boss again: "You three one bowl, I produce four first bowl become? "
"This   "Some bosses are puzzled.
"But I have a condition, I lend your kitchen, lend your raw materials, make the hand-pulled noodles of a bowl of hometowns for my child

personally, you collect money as before, but Israel? "
"Oh, mood of you can understand requirement of you agree whom we make genuine Shanxi hand-pulled noodles too in fact too certainly. " The

young master is still really understanding.
After agreeing with the young master, I put the kitchen in person, have drawn a big bowl of noodles for my child personally, have fried to a dish

of steamed sons of egg tomato. The tomato hand-pulled noodles of egg, is child's favourite food at home.
" the treasure eats, " The son of more than one meter is a little uneasy, see me carrying the hand-pulled noodles out dully: "Mother is not that the

telephone sues you, when having an opportunity to enable Air Freight Forwarder  you to have the hand-pulled noodles that mother cooked personally too as far back

as the alien land, you still smile at that time, look, had not had now? " I pass, get son on hand, watch long handsome son with joy chopsticks.
The son has just set aside the hand-pulled noodles of first into the mouth, has dripped and dripped dripping   At a disturbance of the ring tones in

a period of time, faint, it is light already, should get up. It is the 30th of April today, the class is the long holidays of May Day to go one day more.

Well, having celebrated a festival, I have missed children, has just had such a true dream. Even if is a dream, let my child eat that bowl of hand-

pulled noodles into stomach. I am looking at the alarm clock keeping ringing on the bedside cupboard, can't help in the heart for a moment

being sorry.
My child, mother cares for you Ocean Transportation  except thousand li, how have you been in the alien land?


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